October 15, 2018

A New Beginning

Synopsis of the past year or two: I tore down the Jaggybahn, sold the house, moved to Texas, bought a new place, and now this:

Layout goals: Portability- I do not want to tear it all down if I need to move again. Keep it simple- I’m reusing Kato unitrack from the unseen sections of the old layout, I find it superior to the code 55 Peco track operationally, and it requires far less cleaning.

The plan is to hide the backside.

June 15, 2017

April 16, 2017


I will be moving soon, and sadly the Jaggybahn is not particularly portable.  So, change is afoot!

I tried to take the same angles as I recall using in the 2015 photo tour.

All the rolling stock is packed away, as are the structures, trees, and many of my cast rocks.   I have lots more to undo, but it seems like 5 years of work should take about 5 nights to rip apart fully.

I am not enjoying this.

October 11, 2015

A Photo Tour of The Jaggybahn 2015

This blog has few readers, I maintain it largely for my own reference.  It serves as archive of my progress over the years.  I'm posting a tour of the layout as it exists today, warts and all. 

These are not the most flattering images, I took them with a phone.   To prepare I moved most of the many bottles of glue, paint, and flock out of the shot.  On display is a work in progress: you will see lots of dust, plaster specs, unfinished turf, half built roads, etc.   I even have some engines parked on the grass! These are not glamour shots by any means, but if I waited till everything was done I'd never post, so here it is.  

I have cropped most of the pictures to get my bare walls out of frame.  At the end of each section I present some overview images showing the layout in context of the room.  To make this browser friendly I've broken the layout into four sections:

(click on the map)

Please do comment!

A photo tour of the Jaggybahn - Section 4

Section 1 - Section 2 - Section 3 Section 4

Section 1Section 2 - Section 3 - Section 4